Hello. I am based out of SE Minneapolis. I do answer/or fabricate for the metro area. I offer free bids but need proper info to dial in better. (Use  the Request a Quote form to let me know what you're thinking of.) 

I specialize in everything from building signage to unique furniture to one-of-a-kind railings. My work primarily involves collaborating with clients  on their specific designs or mine to create many different kinds of custom pieces. Such as  gates, light fixtures, awnings, fireplace pieces, landscape pieces, planter boxes, signage, home decor, custom aluminum pieces, and everything in-between. I also offer industrial repair services and food truck fabrication.

I look forward to hearing from you.

George J. Hindley LLC

(Tax ID and insurance info available on request) 

(612) 239-0207 | hindleygj@gmail.com